What is ACI?

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a technical and educational consensus organization dedicated to improving the design, construction, manufacture and maintenance of concrete products and structures. Among ACI International's 18,000 members are designers, architects, civil engineers, educators, contractors, concrete craftsmen and technicians, and manufacturers from around the world.

The Purpose of ACI

ACI was founded in 1905 as a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to public service and to representing user interests in the field of concrete. It gathers and distributes information on the improvement of design, construction and maintenance of concrete products and structures. ACI's committees, and the Institute as a whole, operate under a consensus format. Activities include: the development of building codes and specification standards; analysis of research and development results; presentation of construction and repair techniques; and education. ACI is often considered the world's leading authority on concrete technology.

What is The Oregon Chapter of ACI?

Like ACI International, the Oregon Chapter of ACI (OACI) is a consensus organization in that its membership reflects the leadership of the Oregon concrete industry through participation by: specification writers and designers; educators; contractors; concrete producers; public officials; consultants; testing laboratories; various materials suppliers; and others. The composition of the OACI Board of Directors is intended to reflect, as best it can, the Chapter's general membership in terms of industry type and divergent interests.

The Purpose of The Oregon Chapter of ACI

Although the Oregon Chapter of ACI does not directly involve itself in many of the activities of ACI International (such as the authorship of specifications standards, etc.) It does attempt to mirror ACI in one very important area - discussion and dissemination of technical information relating to concrete. In this respect, the primary interest of the Oregon Chapter of ACI is technical education. OACI may use a variety of means, including the presentation of technical seminars on subjects thought to be of benefit to its constituents to satisfy that interest.